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Line Input Transformers


Line Input Transformers

Line input transformers

High quality audio transformers for bridging
input or for Zero Field input circuits.

General properties:

High impedance input
PCB mount style
High level capability
Excellent magnetic and electrostatic shielding
High mu cores (mu metal or amorphous strip core)

Line Input

Type  Turns Ratio Size LxWxH Max Primary Level
LL1531 1+1 : 2 28x17x15 +20 dBU  
 Small size
LL1540 1+1 : 1+1 38x24x17 +30 dBU  
 High level input
LL1544A 1+1+1+1 : 2+2 30x22.5x14.5 +20 dBU
 Amorphous strip core. General purpose with many connection alternatives.
LL1545A 1+1+1+1 : 2+2 38x24x17 +22 dBU
  General purpose with many connection alternatives.
LL1592 1+1 : 1+1 47x28x20 +31 dBU  
 High level line input transformer for extra demanding applications
LL1922 1+1+1+1 : 4+4 47x28x24 +26 dBU  
 High level stepup line input. Similar to the UTC LS-10.
LL7901 1+1+1+1 : 1+1+1+1 66x32x21 +34 dBU  
 Very high level, high impedance input.
LL7902 1+1+1+1 : 1+1+1+1 66x32x21 +28 dBU  
 General purpose. Very high quality line input for 1:1, step-down or step-up.

Line Input for ZF (Zero Field) Input Circuits

LL6404 1 : 1 15.5x11x10 N/A
 For Zero Field input circuitry (see datasheet)
LL7101 1+1 : 1.4 28x18x10 N/A (Very high!) 
 For Zero Field input circuitry (see datasheet)

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