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The most effective hardware declicker and decrackler ever developed

Why declickle™?

The Duo declickle™ processor is based on the dual declick+decrackle process initially developed for CEDAR's flagship Cambridge system. This was born out of our dedication to solve the dual problems of declicking and decrackling difficult signals such as brass instruments, solo strings, and human singing, without introducing unwanted artefacts in the wanted audio. In overcoming these difficulties, our researchers discovered that a single, new algorithm yielded better results than applying separate declick and decrackle processes.

The benefits of declickle™

Unlike a standard declicker, declickle's detector is able to identify high densities of low amplitude, short duration disturbances within the signal. However, removing each of these unwanted impulses using a basic interpolator would not be satisfactory because these assume that a click or scratch has totally corrupted the audio and that there is no useful information about the signal during the click. Small disruptions may be considered to be additive, so this assumption is not necessarily appropriate, and declicking a crackly signal discards a lot of useful information that an optimal algorithm can use to improve the quality of the processed audio.

Consequently, declickle™ offers a better impulsive noise detector and a better interpolator than any previous declicker or decrackler. This results in superior performance across a wider range of material than ever before. Indeed, this performance is so good that, in almost all cases, it is not possible to hear that the signal was damaged prior to restoration.

Power and Simplicity

Despite the power of the Duo declickle™ processor, its user-interface is extremely simple and quick to use, and excellent results can be obtained by users with only a limited knowledge of audio engineering.

This product has been discontinued. Declickle is available as a module in CEDAR Cambridge. Declick and Decrackle is available as a plugin in CEDAR Studio 7.

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