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Auto Dehiss


Auto Dehiss


The most effective hardware dehisser ever developed

The background to auto dehissing

Despite being told for many years that it was impossible, CEDAR Audio developed auto-dehissing because traditional noise reduction methods are - for most purposes - less than ideal. Dual-ended processes require encoding and do nothing to remove noise already present in a signal. Low-pass filters remove as much wanted signal as noise. Dynamic filters pump, round off transients and dull the genuine signal. Gates remove no noise when open. Expanders pump, and multi-band expanders have poor separation filters, leading to loss of high frequencies, loss of ambience, and degradation of hard transients.

So, for those occasions when it is inappropriate to employ a fully-featured, computer-based noise reduction system, we developed auto dehiss, which produces excellent results very quickly and with minimal fuss. The Duo auto dehiss processor incorporates the third generation of this process, which is optimised for consistent noises such as tape hiss and general background noise.

Power and Simplicity

The Duo auto dehiss processor is a further development of the Dehiss 3 algorithm developed for CEDAR Cambridge. Nevertheless, the power of the auto dehiss process is disguised by a remarkably simple and intuitive interface, so that excellent results can be obtained quickly by users with few (or no) advanced audio engineering skills.


This product has been discontinued. Auto Dehiss is now available as a module in CEDAR Cambridge or as a plugin in CEDAR Studio.

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