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CEDAR Cambridge™

CEDAR Cambridge audio restoration system
TEC Award Nominee 2012TEC Award Nominee 2011TECnology Hall Of Fame Inductee 2008MIX Certified Hit 2004TEC Award Nominee 2003British Computer Society Award runner up 1989

From simple and remarkably rapid noise control and audio processing for broadcast and mastering to the most demanding high-volume restoration and enhancement for libraries and archives.

CEDAR Cambridge is a 64-bit, high-resolution processing platform that offers a wide range of tools capable of cleaning up everything ranging from the earliest recordings to live broadcasts being transmitted today, giving you the power to address all of your audio restoration and speech enhancement needs. Completely modular, fully automated when desired, and capable of integration with today's asset management systems, it can process up to 100 times faster than real-time and, with the optional Server Pack and XML Extension installed, can support multiple users and process huge bodies of material quickly and efficiently. The system will also generate a report for every track it processes, so that the audio and its associated metadata can be added efficiently to users' databases and asset management systems. The system also boasts features such as multiple languages through the use of Internationalisation, which allows experts to localise much of its user-interface. Consequently, CEDAR Cambridge is the system of choice for post production houses, CD and DVD mastering studios, broadcasters, national sound archives and libraries worldwide, as well as many of the world's most important police and security forces.

Series IV hardware

The 8-core and 16-core options in the latest CEDAR Cambridge Series IV host systems provide massive processing power, which is of particular benefit to users who take advantage of the system's multi-channel and batch processing capabilities, or have a need to run dozens of power-hungry processes simultaneously. Each system also includes local storage capable of holding around 10,000 hours of uncompressed audio. This makes every Series IV suitable for use as a restoration server that can service the needs of numerous studios and users. The dedicated timecode automation controller also ensures that processed audio always remains aligned to video, so that CEDAR Cambridge will work in harmony with any audio or video workstation. It also provides facilities for full automation of all the system's processing parameters.

Audio modules and systems

There is a constantly growing family of CEDAR Cambridge processing modules. These are applicable in all areas of audio, and you can freely choose the combination of modules that you require. Alternatively, we can offer recommended systems for requirements such as film soundtrack restoration and post, audio restoration for CD and DVD, and audio forensic investigation.

Further information

Information about each of the elements within CEDAR Cambridge.

The updates in CEDAR Cambridge V10.

Latest engineering and system configuration notes.

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